Programming of the remote control of corridor driving.

Programming of switching on and off of the lamps.

Remote switching on and off of radiator covers.

Lamp time counter.

Device operation time counter.

Battery check-up.

Customer service in Polish and English.

Automatic countdown of time to leave a room.

Environment scanning.

Check-list of disinfected rooms.

The device is equipped with System Protection 360°, which is used to turn off the lamps in case of a human appearance in the room.

After an emergency shutdown, the siren lights up red until the appropriate remote control button is used. Thanks to this, a person operating the device knows that it has been turned off in an emergency and the entire work cycle has not been completed and should be repeated. The lamp lighting time is regulated by a potentiometer located in the base of the device.



1. Lidar

2. PIR sensors

3. UV-C radiator

4. Lamp module

5. Automatic covers

6. Collision avoidance sensors

7. Main switch

8. AGV robot – EASY ROBOTS

9. Emergency stop button (optional)

10. Control and programming panel

11. Emergency stop button

12. Key switch – changing the operating mode

13. Safety circuit reset


Robotower 1600 is equipped with a Lidar device, which allows for a multi-directional scanning of the surroundings in the range of 360°.

Lidar generates an environment outline map. Sampling rate up to 8,000 times. The light source is infrared laser light.


Robotower 1600 is equipped with miniature motion sensors. They are highly efective at detecting people by infrared light. With little movement, they detect small temperature diferences and are resistant to any interference.

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